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AdwCleaner is a unique program to remove viruses and adware from your personal computer.

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Why you should use the program AdwCleaner


A thorough check from the registry to RAM.


Verification of a personal computer in less than 5 minutes.


The use of heuristic methods to search for viruses.

Do you need a program that searches for and erases ads in the browser, as well as on the toolbar, struggling with potentially unwanted programs? Then the ideal option for you is AdwCleaner. With this software you will be able to remove many programs to your PC to function effectively in the world wide web.

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Uninstalling unnecessary toolbars and various plug-ins for browsers that have been installed with or without your signal, as well as programs that display unwanted advertising and utilities that reconfigure your browser - it's very difficult to deal with all this. And if you also take into account that there is no necessary program at hand, then the above tasks - it becomes from the realm of fantasy.

But you can rely on AdwCleaner . After all, it was specially designed for this purpose. The program is small in size. Soft is very convenient in terms of use. It can be activated from any media. Even with a portable one, because it does not need to be installed. After activation, the traces of unwanted components are automatically checked. There is also a check for the remains of former installations that previously needed to be removed.

The scan results appear in the text document file. Thus, the user can very thoroughly familiarize himself with the files and keys of the registry. They must be deleted. This can be done by pressing this key - Clean. After performing this operation, the uninstallation process will be started. It will end after the system is rebooted.

Also, you should pay attention to a very interesting feature of the software - for the functioning of the program you need to exit all programs. Before doing so, save all the changes.

This program can be deleted with a single click of a mouse - this is a very interesting feature! There is a key in the menu that is responsible for this! This operation can be done from any media on which it is located!


Main features of the program
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The AdwCleaner program searches for and removes Adware, toolbars, unwanted programs (this is PUP) and the rest of the unwanted garbage from the computer. With the help of AdwCleaner it is possible to easily remove different kinds of programs, making it convenient to work on the computer. AdwCleaner removes programs that usually go to the "makeweight", downloaded from the Internet. Often during the download and installation of the program, if you do not remove the check mark during the installation (you need to switch to a selective installation mode), the device automatically installs toolbars and other advertising modules. The AdwCleaner program is required to find and remove similar programs.

AdwCleaner is pretty easy to use. You must download and run the program. Then the program window appears, where there are buttons Scan (means Scan) and Clean (means Clear). By clicking the Scan button, you are looking for malware.

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After the scan is complete, you need to review the results and uncheck the entries that you do not need to delete. Most people will not understand the contents of the report, and if you do not see the name of the program that you do not want to delete, then proceed to the next step. By clicking the Clean button, AdwCleaner will reboot the computer and remove the files, as well as registry entries that are associated with the adware. After rebooting the computer, AdwCleaner will provide a report with a list of deleted files and folders, as well as registry entries.

Note! Remember that Antivir WebGuard applies the Ask Toolbar as web protection. If ASK is removed with Adwcleaner, then Antivir WebGuard will not work. If you use this program, then before removing, make sure that the checkmarks related to the Ask are cleared. It should also be noted that the Babylon and Delta Search programs include a program that warns you that if someone wants to change the search in your browser or customize your home page. By launching AdwCleaner, the default search settings (that is, Microsoft) are reset, if the changes are detected by adware. If a warning is displayed that AdwCleaner wants to change the browser settings, then allow it to do so.


User feedback on our program

A huge human thanks for the excellent program! So many nerves and time are being saved!

Alexander, New York

Thank you very much, the program helped! AVG advertising in browsers is not found, and your found!

Alexei, Washington

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AdwCleaner is the removal of adware and virus software from your personal computer!

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